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Class tomorrow (Nov 11th)

Posted by Liad Blumrosen on November 10, 2009

A movie will be presented in our classroom before our class, and it should end by 4:30. However, there is a chance that this week’s lecture will  therefore start with a delay of a few minutes.  Please wait until the movie ends before getting into the classroom.




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A Course in Internet Economics

Posted by Liad Blumrosen on November 4, 2009


This is a blog/website for a course in Internet Economics. This is a course for senior (third year) undergraduate students in the economics department at the Hebrew University. In the first part of the course I will teach some background materials on internet-related topics in economics. Example inculde market and auction design, social networks, online advertising and  information markets.  In the second semester, students are expected to choose a seminar topic, present it in class and write a seminar project by the end of the second semester. More information on the contents and requirements can be found in the first batch of slides.

All the materials for the course will appear in this web page.

I wish we have an enjoyable course.


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